International banking

We are proud to offer a unique and personalized experience to all our customers, both businesses and individuals. We offer a full range of private banking products and services: debit card, local and foreign checking accounts, fixed-term deposits,multi-currency bank accounts, cash management, online transactions via Online Banking, offshore banking, International Prepaid Cards (Visa and Mastercard). Our technological platform is the best of its kind and allows our customers to receive funds and make payments every hour of every day (24/7). Our network of correspondents around the world enable our clients to open and operate current accounts and fixed-term deposit accounts in the world`s most active currencies such as U.S. dollars, Euros, British pounds, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars and others.

We want to help you solve your special and specific finance needs by means of creative and efficient solutions. Be these for your company or for your personal needs, we help you find a solution. For your convenience, we can establish fiduciary deposits that allow you to diversify your funds in different local and international first-rate banks.

  • Debit Card and International Prepaid Cards (Visa and Mastercard).
  • Fixed-Term Deposits and Trusts.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts in Foreign Currency.
  • Online Banking
  • Offshore Banking